Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surviving the Mercury Retrograde

It's about that time again, Mercury in Retrograde, the first one of the year and this time it's in Pisces and will last until the 28th of this month until turning direct.
Some of you are probably reading this and asking, what does that even mean? Well a Mercury Retrograde occurs Mercury's orbit slows around the Sun, and appears to be traveling backwards through the zodiac. This is only an illusion though, that we call retrograde motion. Think of it as if being on the highway next to a car going the same speed as you, and then they start slowing down, causing it to appear as if they were going backwards. The Mercury Retrograde only happens a few times a year.

Mercury in Retrograde for 2014:
  • February 6th - February 28th in Pisces, then Aquarius
  • June 7th - July 2nd in Cancer, then Gemini
  • October 4th - 25th in Scorpio, then Libra

Mercury was considered the messenger of the Gods, and represents expression, thought processes, communications, travel, and how we interact with others. Whenever Mercury goes Retrograde there is a tendency for those things to not go exactly as how we planned, sometimes even haywire. There is usually a lot of miscommunication, travel delays, canceling of plans, missed/dropped calls, computer glitches, car problems, and more... 
However a positive mindset is a powerful one, and Mercury is often known as a "trickster" and although things may look bad on the outside, initially they might not be terrible. But just in case, I have provided some tips on how to survive (lol) the next couple weeks, check them out!
  • Remain flexible
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Allow yourself extra travel time
  • Relax & meditate, reflect within
  • Back up your computer files
  • Be extra mindful of your words
  • Don't sign important contracts or make any major decisions
  • Keep a lighthearted sense of humor, try not to take things personally
  • Stay positive
I also have put together a list of healing stones that will be good for you to carry with you during this retrograde. I don't know about you, but I always prefer to carry my bag of stones with me wherever I go and it's looking like they are going to come in extra useful these next couple of weeks.

  • Emerald
    -Will help smooth communication
  •  Amazonite
    -Removes fear and anxiety
  • Obsidian
    -Will help stabilize and balance electronic devices
  • Blue Calcite
    -Keeps lines of communication open and clear
  • Moonstone
    -Eases anxiety and helps you keep organized
  • Selenite
    -Will help you become more centered 
  • Fluorite
    -Helps with focusing

    Although a Mercury Retrograde is said to not exactly bring out the best in us, trying to look at it in a positive way will shed some new light on it. It is said that during this time we have heightened inner awareness, and this time is good for reflecting within ourselves, and re-evaluating our past. Make the best out of the next few weeks, because although it may appear to be a negative situation, there is always a positive side! :) 

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